Suture Suspensions for Lifting or Volume Augmentation in Fac | 7972

Chirurgie Reconstructive & Anaplastologie

ISSN - 2161-1173


Suture Suspensions for Lifting or Volume Augmentation in Face and Body

Nikolay P Serdev

Scarless closed approach suture liftings present skeletal fixation with skin punctures without incisions as a first alternative to classic excision lifts. The author started the anatomy study, instrument creation and thread selection in 1990 and the whole topographic anatomy, instrumentarium and technique  understanding of this new method was ready in 1993. Needle preparation and selection of threads was experimental.  Stretch, elasticity and cut through tests were performed for selecting threads. Thread long term absorption is crucial in this method. 54 patients were operated in 1993-1994 to correct early ptosis and flabbiness in areas of face and body and the results were published. Author’s contribution is that his closed approach suture techniques lift SMAS and fascias without traditional incisions. Operations are ambulatory with  excellent results, reported by the patients. The trauma is minimal and the follow-up period is no longer than a few hours to 3 days with fast, sometimes immediate return to work and social life. There are no visible scars; the needle perforations on the skin disappear within 2-3 days.