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Article de révision

Associations between body mass index and breast cancer markers

Ishita Saha, Poonam Singh and Rabindra Nath Das

Body mass index (BMI) and breast cancer biomarkers such as resistin, leptin adiponectin, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) and homeostasis model assessment of insulin r..Voir plus»

Article d'opinion

Digoxin therapeutic drug monitoring

Emily Cooper


..Voir plus»

Rapport de cas

A Report of Two Cases with Different Methods of Indexing for Orbital Prosthesis in Craniofacial Rehabilitation

Ajay Jain*, Sridevi Ugrappa, See Gaik Lan

Prosthetic rehabilitation of an orbital defect plays an important role in restoring the aesthetics of the face; therefore psychology, well-being and social acceptance of the pat..Voir plus»


Developments in Acid Rain and Air Pollution Policy

Aiden Jacob

Due to its devastating, broad effects on ecosystems and its transnational nature, acid rain garnered a lot of scientific and public attention at the end of the 20th century. Thi..Voir plus»


Southwest Florida Weather Forecast

Aiden Jacob

The low-lying barrier island (latitude 26.436394, longitude -82.155589) has a surface area of around 4,900 hectares and was formed by sediment accretion, resulting in linear dun..Voir plus»

article de recherche

Effect of Post-Natal Catch-Down and Feeding Practices on Auxology, Body Composition and Muscle Function in Children Born Large-For-Gestational-Age

Julia Trachternach Peters, Joachim Woelfle, Susanne Joergens, Felix Schreiner, Peter Bartmann and Bettina Gohlke

Background: High birth-weight and supernormal postnatal weight gain increases the risk of obesity. Breastfeeding and postnatal Catch-down growth in children bor..Voir plus»