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Orthodontic Treatment of Class I Malocclusion with Sever Crowding without Extraction of any Sound Erupted Tooth A Case Report

Munad J. Al-Duliamy

This report describes treatment of a 20-year- old Iraqi male with sever maxillary and mandibular arch crowding, deep bite, anterior and posterior cross bite. The patient presented with chief complaint of irregularly placed anterior teeth and unaesthetic smile. After completing the levelling and alignment, surgical extraction of impacted left mandibular third molar was done. The mandibular anterior segment crowding was improved during the first postoperative week. The active treatment time was 11 month result in successfully alleviating the maxillary and mandibular arches crowding, correcting deep bite and cross bite without extraction of any sound erupted tooth. After treatment, all of the patient’s chief complaints were relieved. Hawley retainers were placed after debonding and the patient instructed to wear them for the following two years.